Dandy Dick


£16.50 General Admission The Theatre at Chatsworth House

Dandy Dick, by Sir Arthur Wing Pinero, is a classic farce about a pious Dean who backs a horse to pay for repairs to his church spire. All the usual suspects are skilfully woven together - mistaken identity, young lovers, and hapless protagonists - creating a hilarious mix-up from which the Dean must try to extricate himself. Performed in the beautiful theatre at Chatsworth House, this comic gem is sure to coax a giggle from even the staunchest stoic.

We are delighted to announce that we are bringing back the pre-theatre dinner at The Stables, Chatsworth House. Dinner is at 5.30 to allow you time to enjoy your meal and make your way across to the theatre, where your seat will be reserved. The menu is set with a standard option and a vegetarian option (please let us know of any additional dietary requirements) and the price includes your theatre ticket: